Auxiliary services

Our company effort to improve and grow encourages us to continue generating new solutions for customers who demand competitiveness and a greater degree of alignment with their specific needs. La Esponja del Teide carry out assessments of needs to effectively manage the service support that companies need to carry out their main activity.

Chemical toilets

We also have suitable auxiliary toilets for construction sites, concerts, sporting and cultural events, and other unexpected uses. They have different capacities, ranging from 250 to 320 l, and they can be connected directly to the sanitation network or emptied easily by our tankers.

Handling service

La Esponja del Teide offers ground handling services to shipping companies and consignees. The loading and unloading of luggage and assistance and attention to passengers are part of the wide range of possible services that a shipping company can find on land. At present, La Esponja del Teide offers handling services at the ports of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Los Cristianos, Santa Cruz de La Palma, San Sebastian de La Gomera and La Estaca (El Hierro); performing functions of maintenance and cleaning, deployment and start-up of scanner equipment, loading and unloading tapes of luggage and tents, placement and removal of stopovers, as well as passenger and crew attention services.

The service has an expert and close human team and a modern technical equipment, which guarantee the fulfillment of the expectations of the most demanding clients, providing a competitive service based on maximum safety and quality.

Regarding Passenger Service services, we deal with Information Points with bilingual staff, Baggage Management, Luggage Carts, VIP Rooms or Business Center and assistance for People with Reduced Mobility.



La Esponja del Teide provides all the auxiliary services that are necessary for the proper functioning of your company, which allows us to get our clients some flexibility of means and costs, which can be adapted to your needs at any time.


La Esponja del Teide provides a team of service assistants who are expert in reception and information and who are trained in customer service so that nothing happens randomly.

Our services are adapted to the needs of each company, which are characterized by a highly qualified staff formed by: hostesses, reception and locker staff, ushers, bilingual hostesses, lighting and sound experts, etc.


This service includes access control (visits, suppliers, etc ..), attention and repair of small breakdowns.

Our porters or custodians will control and receive the visits, collaborate in the attention of calls of the reception. They will watch over the fulfillment of the standards, they will guarantee the maintenance and replacement of lamps, fluorescent tubes and small repairs that do not require a specialized person. Control of door automation and alarm control.